OkCupid Labs

OkCupid Labs was an InterActive Corp incubator for creating new apps and products for platonic and romantic relationships.

I was the lead designer on Ravel - a "local social mobile photo dating app". As the lead designer, I was responsible for wireframing interactions, designing product flows to satisfy business requirements, and designing the product look and feel.


Ravel was a dating app that uses pictures and #hashtags to start conversations. Ravelers create their profile with their interests and what they're looking for in other users. When they add photos to their account they #hashtag photos, like #tall #dark and #handsome for a selfie or #wanderlust #Burma for their recent backpacking trip. Other users will find their photo through matching #hashtags in their profile. They can either add new #tags or upvote #hashtags on the found photo. Users could only exchange private messages after a submitted or upvoted #tag was accepted by the other user.