Velometer was a collaborative project to create a portable bicycle counter for San Francisco’s Bike to Work Day. We aimed to create a cost-effective and portable bicycle counter to help raise awareness of how many cyclists commute during the day since no counters currently existed in San Francisco and are expensive and time consuming to get installed. The bicycle counter measured air pressure changes from bicycle wheels passing over a pressure sensor taped to the bike lane and would increment the bicycle count on an array of LEDs in the front.

The sandwich board was made from painted plywood, sign vinyl adhesives, and an LED array hooked up to an arduino board, modified tupperware for electronics housing, a miniature car battery, and surgical tubing as the pneumatic air sensor.

Thank You for Biking!

The Velometer website

Like almost any modern project, we had to have a website and social media presence to help promote our work. I designed and coded the Velometer site to link up our social media accounts and inform passerbys about how the project came to life.